Onsite Storage Vs. Offsite Storage: Which Option Is Best for a Home Renovation?

offsite storage vs onsite storage

Through a cost-effective renovation project, any family can breathe new life into an old house or apartment, maximize the spaciousness of any property and boost its appeal, and expand its practical and financial value. On the other hand, prepping the grounds for a successful home renovation is a very important task that involves multiple key steps, including the selection of an ideal temporary storage solution.

Onsite Storage Vs. Offsite Storage: What Should You Choose?

Some homeowners choose to keep their household contents within reach, in one of their spare rooms while construction work is being performed, while others prefer to rely on an offsite storage option. If you’re wondering which one would be more compatible with your needs and expectations, keep reading to discover the benefits of each type of storage method.

Onsite Storage.

on site storage in garage

Onsite storage is usually seen as a viable option by budget-conscious families requiring rapid, unlimited access to their goods during the home renovation process. Clearly, this storage method can be linked to financial advantages, considering that homeowners wouldn’t have to pay rent for an offsite storage space.

On the other side of the coin, onsite storage doesn’t eliminate the need for certain measures of precaution that also trigger expenses. For instance, while renovating several rooms in their home, families could choose to use a spare room as a temporary in-house storage unit. Given that this room would accommodate their most valuable belongings, homeowners could consider implementing a few additional security measures to prevent unauthorized access and/or theft, like putting locks on windows and doors for instance. At the same time, they would have to prep the site to simplify their post-renovation cleaning efforts and also make it easier for them to keep their items perfectly organized and protected against dust, dirt or other elements associated with remodeling work. Families opting for onsite storage will have to dust proof the spare room, keep the room door closed at all times, and also place plastic drop cloths on the floor to prevent dust accumulations and spills.

Offsite Storage.

off site storage unit

Offsite storage is an extremely convenient solution for homeowners who wish to eliminate the drawbacks linked to in-room storage mentioned above, including additional security measures, cleaning and reorganizing. By renting storage containers that could be stored outdoor or sent to a nearby storage centre, families involved in a home renovation project can focus on their remodeling efforts and eliminate any concerns regarding potential safety and security risks. Facilities ensuring modern storage conditions for any category of household contents, including artworks, jewellery, clothing and electronics, offer clients the chance to benefit from extremely flexible leases tailored to their space and feature-related requirements, budget and the duration of their remodeling process.

Versatile, easy to personalize and use for the longest periods of time, offsite storage spaces are great allies for any homeowner, especially when they come with additional complimentary services, such as free use of big moving trucks, which enable customers to save money and worry less about stressful aspects such as transportation.

Choosing the right option is always a decision you will need to make on your own. In some cases offsite storage will simply be to much and unnecessary while other times, it will be the best option.

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